ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector

ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector
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ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector for Shutter SHR ESA Pyronics High Sensibility Probes UV-2 Series Flame Detector ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector with Shutter SHR

ESA Pyronics 74903 UV-2 Flame Detector

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Usually Ships 1 - 2 Weeks
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Usually Ships 1 - 2 Weeks

The ESA Pyronics 74903 is a UV-2 Flame Detector with 10673 3/4" CHLG-2 Support.  This flame detector is used in combination with Shutter SHR for burner operation applications. 

The flame detector is divided into 4 parts:  

  • Electric connection plug
  • Housing
  • Athermic connection with quartz glass and gaskets
  • Cooling Air Connection

The flame detector has a 3/4" thread to connect to the Shutter SHR die-cast aluminum body.  In the UV tube section, it is filled with gas that will be ionized by the UV-rays.  Applicable to other ESA electronic systems.  When ESA UV-2 Flame Detector is in used, it must be operated within its range. 

The UV-2 flame detector should be handled with care and you need to take note of the hazards.  Remember to cover the photo-tube housing for the reason that it produces UV radiation during flame detection which can be captured by other photo-tubes.  Also, be cautious in handling and prevent falling that may damage the detector quartz bulb.  Consistently check and clean the photo-tube to prevent dust or dirt accumulation which can affect the signal. Only unipolar cables can be used.

Operating Temperature -20 to + 60C
Supply Voltage 280-400V
Spectral Response 185-260 nm
Peepsight Connection 3/4"
Discharge Starting Voltage (with UV radiation) 280V
Electrical Protection IP54
Recommended Operating Voltage 325 +/- 25V
Recommended Discharge Current 100μA
Life Service with Continuous Discharge >10,000 hrs.

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I need price and lead time for qty 13 of ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector. can you please quote?
Asked on Aug 31, 2017 by CASSIA from POMPANO BEACH
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Thank you for your inquiry. This section is used for technical questions and we have referred your request to our sales department for a quote.
These flame scanners are generally a 1-week lead time.  In the future if you are looking for a quote for an item, just visit our Request A Quote page and a quote will be provided for you.
For details on the UV-2 Flame Detector see the product details page and technical data.
Replied on Sep 01, 2017 by Ron from Industrial Stores